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Heart | Tongue | Words - Friday Night Service: April 11, 2014

Heart | Tongue | Words


James 3:2-16

 Disciple, and little brother of Jesus, James describes here the power of the tongue. James describes the ability of the tongue to bring life or death, despite its small size. Like a rudder steering a ship or a bit controlling a horse, small things can hold great power; however, unlike a ship or horse, no thing or person can tame the tongue. Humans can train a lion in a cage, but we can’t manage our tongues.

The power we hold with our tongues is fluid; we have the ability to both curse men and praise God. The only way our tongues can be guided is by submitting to God and allowing Him to change our hearts. The heart is the source of our words. If we harbor bitter envy & self-seeking in our hearts (re: verses 13-16), we will spout bitter envy and self-seeking out of our mouths. The heart controls the tongue. This is why we must not put our focus on taming our tongues but rather in using our new hearts. We must remember that we now have Jesus in our hearts, the source of all good and love. We don’t get new tongues; we get new hearts. When the heart controls the tongue, then the tongue says good things.

Luke 6:43-45

We must fully understand our identity. Verse 44 in Luke says, “Each tree is recognized by its own fruit.” Jesus compares our hearts to trees. A good tree can’t produce bad fruit just like a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. The Lord plants a new seed inside of us, giving us new life and room to grow. The heart and tongue are connected. It’s not so much important what goes in the mouth but what comes out of the mouth. Our new hearts are held to a higher standard, where we are empowered not to sin. God chooses our hearts. Jesus amplified the law to show us that we can’t do it on our own. Allow Him to work inside of you. In Ezekiel 36:26, it says that we will be given new hearts of flesh to replace our hearts of stone. Stone is an inanimate object, devoid of life. Flesh is living and able to love freely. The old has gone, and the new is here (II Corinthians 5:17). Now that we have new hearts, our words will match.

But why do we still say negative things? Because God, in all His goodness, gave us freedom and choice. Though we have the power to speak evil, we also have the power not to. Proverbs 15:4 says, “The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit.” Understand who you are and let your words be full of grace and seasoned with salt (Colossians 4:6). Speak from your new heart and not your mind. Our words are powerful, and that’s because our hearts are powerful. We have hearts filled with His Spirit, so speak & give life to those around you.

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Walk into Heaven | Sunday Service: April 6, 2014

 The worship was strong & powerful during service today as Grace Love Worship director Jessy Sajquim encouraged the group to do something different, to take advantage of the freedom we possess as children of God. Pastor Cynthia reiterated later in the service, “There is freedom here, but we’re not confined to these four walls. We can call on His presence at any time because we’re always in His presence.” There is an open Heaven, and this concept relates directly to Pastor Mario’s sermon entitled “Walk Into Heaven.”

Romans 8:18-22

 There is hope given in our relationship with God. God’s hope is placed, supernatural, eternal, and unchallenged. God’s hope means we press forward through any obstacle or struggle. This hope is placed in nature itself! The Word says that nature is bonded & sustained with hope now because nature is no longer the same as it was during the Garden of Eden times. Something happened – changed – in the Garden that caused Adam & Eve to leave. Roses grew thorns as nature corrupted itself. So now, nature waits and hopes for you and I. What for? It knows that there is a glorious liberty in His presence, the same presence we steward. As we steward the glory, we change the atmosphere, therefore, changing the atmosphere of nature.

John 3 tells the story of Nicodemus asking Jesus about the source of His power. Jesus responds, “’…unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God’” (verse 3). We are forever changed when we are born again through spirit & water.  We believe that we will see glorious things. Renowned reformist Martin Luther was transformed after reading one verse (Romans 1:16). That is the power of the gospel! Through one word, one phrase, one passage, a person can be saved and be opened to the Kingdom.

 Jesus paid our entrance into Heaven, so now we can live as spiritual beings. Not only are we heavenly, but we are earthly. God tells us that we were not saved just to go to Heaven; Heaven was placed inside of us so that we could share it with the world. Nature awaits for the heavenly revelation of His sons & daughters. It is our time to wake up and walk in His glory.

 As we read I Corinthians 15:46-49, we see how we bear the images of our fathers Adam & Jesus. We have been renewed from the inside, and the only thing we are waiting for now is another body. Everything inside of us – our inheritance, language, faith, spirit, belief – is ready for our next temple. We are waiting for different bodies, not different spirits. Let’s walk like Enoch from Genesis 5:24. Enoch walked so closely with God that God took him. If we walk like men of dust, we get “men of dust” results. Instead, walk like men of Heaven and receive “men of Heaven” results.

 At the end of the service, we took time to pray for some of our church family members. We prayed for healing & favor & blessings. We believe and know that we serve a God of impossibilities. Every desire we have is His desires. There is an open Heaven that we can reach into. Brothers and sisters, if you have a need or request, make it known to God. He will come through for you, and you will be a witness to His goodness.

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Friday Night Service: April 4, 2014

On Friday, Grace & Love Church experienced such an incredible encounter with God. The worship team led us into a power-filled worship that moved us and God into a divine secret place. Following the worship, Pastor Mario Magana called the board members up to pray for everyone in a prayer tunnel that released hidden anointing, restored powerful lives, and produced a season of favor. This powerful service was made more special with our brother Kevin Gomez sharing a word entitled “Commandment of Love.”

John 14: 16-31

Verse 16 & 17: The promise verses

In these verses, we see that Christ has promised the disciples that they would not be left alone. He promised the Holy Spirit to come to comfort them after He departed. It has always been the desire of God to be close with man. God promised His disciples (as well as every believer after them) that they would never be alone or forsaken. Since the beginning of the creation of man, God has always intended for us to walk with Him, and even after our fall, God has never left His creation and has continually provided assurances for that. He promised us the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth, and is also the Holy Spirit of the resurrected Christ. In other words, truth is in you because the Holy Spirit is in you. Jesus was comforting His disciples, the way the Holy Spirit would comfort them, so that they (and we) could remember His promise of remaining by

Verse 18-20: The process verses

Jesus has just revealed the process that has taken place within the disciples’ lives. He tells them that they are not orphans anymore. Orphans usually move from fear of provision and survival, but children of light move from a royal mentality and a royal reality. The King of Heaven is in love with you. Just as the disciples were no longer orphans, we too are no longer orphans, and instead, heirs with Christ. God has received orphans and transformed us into heirs of a wealthy kingdom. It is because we are now heirs that we reap the abundance that God has sowed into our lives. We have been transformed into heirs of God, meaning that we have received what Christ has received: eternal life.

Verse 21-24: The commandment of love verses

In this season, God doesn’t withdraw from the world, but He also doesn’t reveal Himself fully. He has given us the freedom to either seek the invisible God or forget Him and try to live life. Love is a choice, and that is why He gives us that choice to either seek or abandon, because in choosing to love Him, we allow God to love others through us. Darkness cannot fight against light. When light exists darkness can’t, and where love exists God and man coexist. When we choose to love like God, we create a love overflow that looks like this: Heaven to Earth - Father to son - From God to man. God transformed us with His love, and we too can share this experience with others simply by loving them. We have been transformed to love others and transform them into royal heirs. Just as God revealed Himself to us, we love others and reveal God to others.

The promises, the process, and the commandment can all be passed down to others simply by loving them. Love makes us belong. Love isn’t about what happens to it but what it does to others. Love calls you to belong as grace empowers you to keep on loving others. You extend the glorious favor and presence of God to others simply by loving them because you have been made into a light. You are a hope and refuge for all who come to you. When you allow love to flow from you, you extend the invitation of Heaven. God is always with you. He has produced an abundance of life in you and has given you a lineage of power and replaced the orphan identity. But always remember, He has called you to love others so they can see the face of God through the Kingdom of Heaven displayed through you.

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