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Alive | Sunday Service | April 20, 2014

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Grace & Love Church celebrated the victory of Jesus Christ today during our Alive Service. We coined our Easter service “Alive” because Jesus is ALIVE! We are here today, as new creations, because Jesus gave Himself as a sacrifice for our sins. The best part is that Christ did not stay dead but rose from the grave, defeating death. Now those who accept Him are given new life in this new covenant. You are forgiven and washed white as snow.

 Songs led by our worship team, Grace Love Worship, were full of joy & exclamation. As a new, official part of worship, our brethren Amaris Ixtupe and Juan Reyes then delivered a moving spoken word with a theme of redemption. It doesn’t matter where or who we’ve been, a life lived through Christ is a life renewed. Then, the congregation partook in Holy Communion. Jesus instructed us to remember Him through this tradition (I Corinthians 11:23-26). By eating the bread and drinking the wine, we honor the pain & suffering Jesus had to bear for us; we give glory to the love He poured out for us on that day at Calvary.

Pastor Mario then gave a short word from John 20:14-18. This is the story of how Mary Magdalene met our risen King. She had gone to visit the tomb, but the tomb was empty. Instead, Mary discovered one of the greatest miracles of all: Jesus had overcome death! At first, Mary did not recognize the Lord; she thought the man before her was a gardener. But once Jesus spoke, Mary knew it was Him. Are you looking for Christ and can’t seem to find Him? Are you trying to hear His voice? Worry not. Our beautiful God will reveal Himself to you, just like He did with Mary. That is what makes our God so special. He goes after us and goes after our hearts. He will speak to us if we allow Him the platform. 

There is great impact in knowing that Mary Magdalene went looking for a dead body and instead found a living being. Because Jesus showed that even death couldn’t stop Him, we should understand that all things are possible through Him. Christ is our Teacher, Father, and King. Our Savior ascended to Heaven and sat at the right hand of the Father. He rested because it was finished. Let’s celebrate the victory everyday. Jesus is alive!

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